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25 Year Jail/Prison Minister, Author & Bible Teacher

…great ideas for getting your book ready to compete in the marketplace

Earma’s knowledge of the publishing business helps you to succeed. From book cover design to layout, she and her team have great ideas for getting your book ready to compete in the marketplace. Thank you Earma for all your hard work.  –Paul Bibbs, Bible Teacher, Author of Behold The Bridegroom Cometh

Finally published my book and went on to publish another.

T111stelios-nicolaouhrough your materials and work, I have managed to publish my book: Depression: My Witness, Your Solution (Five easy steps to reprogram your little, inner voice and set your mind free.) Thank you very much for all the assistance you have given me either from your courses or from the eBooks I have purchased from you in the past…Stelios Nicolaou, Author

…ten thousands times ten thousand witness

I’m excited about the journey of my next book. I’ve already started a few months ago collecting info, notes and study. This time. it will be about a biblical character, King David. I’ve decided to take my time with the writing and typing completely before giving it to my editor The most beautiful thing about this is my personality is to naturally talk to people about the Lord and I enjoy it. But as an author I put on my spiritual superman cape and become a ten thousands time ten thousand witness for the Lord and I’m sent around the world with a beautiful message. With the grace of the Lord I plan to write for the rest of my life. Loving it!!! -(Late) Varn Brown, 7 Book Christian Author, Indie Publisher at Butterfly Press Books –

5 years ago on Varn and Earma Brown Facebook page -August 15, 2013
Tuesdays and Thursdays are our writers night! Earma and I unplug the media and go for it, we write! Isaiah 30:8 -Rev. Varn Brown, Sr.

August 16,2018 It was our writing nights! Some awesome books came out of that season. -Earma

Sheila Shanker, University ProfessorInspired with cool ideas…

“Earma, …I am happy to say that I got my first book published! I also have a couple of e-courses for CPAs out there. I just want to thank you for getting me inspired and for giving me cool ideas…” —Sheila Shanker, Author, CPA, University MBA Instructor

…I went on to write two more books published by Butterfly Press Books

“For someone who had no experience in writing a book, your book writing material was a God send to me. I am a 60-year-old male who had a fear for writing. After reading your book & lessons, it did wonders for me. I am proud to say this book has encouraged me to write more. Ms. Brown, keep up the good work; you have enabled me to do something that I have always wanted to do, write a book. Thanks again one million times. My book came out in March 2012 published by Butterfly Press Book! Update: I went on to write two more books also published by Ms. Brown and the Butterfly Press Books team…” Eugene Broadway Retired Postal Worker, Barber Instructor, U.S. Marine Veteran

…the dream was almost gone.

At eighty, I felt the dream was almost gone. But Earma and the Butterfly Press Books team came along and published my book for me. A retired 50 year pastor, I’m now an author. It was a dream come true. Thank you Earma for honoring my work. (Late)-Prophet & Pastor Rosson.

Other Testimonies:

…my inner critic seems to disappear.

.…I used many of the tips that you provided in the lessons. Sometimes I re-read your lessons and new ideas come to me. Funny how my “inner critic” seems to disappear when I read your lessons…You help me to believe in myself and my message, and to have confident expectations for success..Thanks so much.” Nicky Vanvalkenburgh, 2x award winning author, director



We truly cannot thank you enough for your heart … I cannot wait to see how the Lord uses your books…Thank you, thank you, thank you!!” -Pastor Jill Hellwig,  Author of  When Women Reign, Covenant Church, Carrollton Texas (Write Your Best Book Now! featured book in writing conference & packet Write Now)

Author & Book Writing Coach, Jaimie“”Five thumbs up! 

Your work is phenomenal! Thanks for the information and inspiration…” Jaime Rohadfox, Author, Radio Host, Memoir Writing Coach

Christian Author Shuronda ScottEarma’s work is an invaluable tool  and resource for budding writers. We provided a copy of her book ‘Write Your Best Book  Now’ in the conference packets to our annual Writer’s Personally, it gave me the fresh perspective I needed to kick my own writing into high gear. …Along with her writing, Earma’s insight as a book coach and publishing consultant is superb. She is the best at what she does. I highly recommend Earma Brown and any of  her courses and publishing services to help you become the successful  author you desire.  Shuronda Scott, Author, Motivational Speaker and Possibilities Coach

Update: I’m sending you a copy of my book today!

Just received the shipment, and can’t wait for you to see my finished book. It really is a lifetime achievement, and I’m so excited about what lies ahead. Thauthor-marie-tomsank you so much for your work, Earma, it really encouraged me to press on towards the finish line.-Nicky Vanvalkenburgh, 2x award winning Author, Journalist

Great job! I’ve written four books now.

I am working on a ghost writing project…still using your insight and information… God bless Marie Toms Author, College Adjunct Professor

I was in the process of writing my first book. I ran into a financial snag and my publisher refused to even keep working on the project until my snag cleared up. Earma’s work was a God send to me. I was able to develop my own chapters and revelation flooded in about how to organize the rest. I am proud to say it encouraged me to write more. I now have a writing system and loads of additional information to help me maximize the potential of my publication. I will be purchasing additional materials from this author. -Tequita C. Brice


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