Developmental Editing

Developmental Editing

Developmental Copyediting

We’ve designed  the Developmental Copyediting especially for first-time authors, and writers who want the extra attention. Receive an in-depth edit of your book from a professional editor who will focus on improving sentence structure while providing suggestions to help you strengthen your book’s content and structure.

Price: $320.00 up to 10,000 words
$0.032/word for 10,000+

A professional editor will review your manuscript and provide suggestions to help improve your book’s overall composition, as well as technical and stylistic elements including table of contents and chapter structure. Ready to start? Pay for Developmental Editing project in full $320, any length 10,000 words and under. For anything over 10,000 words pay $320 as deposit and receive estimate for remaining portion.

$320 Developmental Editing


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